Mammoth + Karripal


The factory assembled Mammoth Single Wheel is the second largest of the wheelbarrows we offer. Great for work of an Equestrian nature.

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Our Mammoth  wheelbarrow, is very popular for general garden usage meaning it is useful from day to day. The large pan means ample space to carry general garden wastage. It is available to purchase with a range of three different types of wheels including the following:

Puncture Free, Pneumatic and Solid.

This allows for you to use the product on a range of different terrains from Grass, to Tarmac, meaning there are more uses for the product.

“The UK Guarantee”

Because our products are made and manufactured on our UK site it means a lot. Our products are both more reliable, and give a more personal touch. We are proud of our British products.

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Black, Silver

Wheel Type

Pneumatic Wheel, Puncture Free Wheel, Solid Wheel