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The History of BullBarrow!

During the recession in 2006 midlands manufacture of wheelbarrows and other home applications firm Beldray, fell into the group of companies that hit rock bottom causing them to close.

At this time Phil Stanley, Richard Perry and Keith Evans; directors of TWP Group, felt this was a perfect time to offer Beldray a buy out package which unknown to them would turn out a huge success.

Threeway had previously done a lot of production work for Beldray manufacturing during the early 2000’s

During this period of change, TWP Manufacturing took over assets such as benny machines, robotic machines and tube manipulating machines. From here TWP Group then manufactured there own moulding tools while growing their work force

Once the take over was complete TWP released their first product the ‘Bullbarrow’, first released in the classic green then rapidly grew to being manufactured in 6 other colours (pink, lilac, orange, blue, red, yellow.) Due to such high quality of the barrows many customers asked TWP group to manufacture different types of barrows such as the original Centurion, renamed as the Picador, this was also released in all 7 colours.

To all the directors surprise all these products hugely popular in many different working areas such as equestrian, gardening and construction. TWP Group asaw gap in the market to manufacture unique barrows such as the mammoth and bronco which now both have a duel wheel option which provides more balance making the wheelbarrow more stand when carrying heavy loads.

As a company Bullbarrow now manufacture a wide range of wheelbarrows from the 85 litre picador to 120 litre titan with a mix of sizes in between. The range of products continues with the unique Garden Scoot and Leaf Cart, more products manufactured to meet customer needs.

All products made by Bullbarrow are inspired and designed by Phil Stanley. This has shone a light into a wider variation of products which has lead TWP Group to be a huge success.

After 10 years of success Bullbarrow felt that the next step was to exhibit at shows such as: The Edible Garden Show, BBC Gardeners World Live, Glee show and the Stafford show. This has been a great exercise to promote the products to the general public as it allows them to try before they buy.

Bullbarrow is also a proud distributor of the radius garden tools, a innovative range of tools that offer an ergonomic and user friendly experience. With around 20 different products being imported from America this is range of tools that is growing very quickly in the United Kingdom. In the TWP Group Bullbarrow has a sister company, Spyrabase, a manufacturer of ground anchors offering anchors for boats, caravans, camping, marquees and security. All the anchors manufactured in the heart of the midlands in one factory only using local painters to help provide the final product.

The products manufactured and distributed by TWP Group are sale in all good retailers, for more information and to see why TWP Group are leaders in the market place visit or